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Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Pro 5 Lines

Auto Dialer Software calls each number on your phone list and delivers your recorded voice message
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17 June 2013

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Marketing and Advertising industry utilizes varied methods and procedures to reach out to their target audiences and correspondingly they prepare their messages and campaigns. There are several mediums available by which a marketer can create certain intuitive looking messages which appeal to different kinds of audiences. From electronic campaigns to print ads to absolutely any outdoor activity in the name of promotion, marketers do anything and everything to put across their message to the target. Mobile phones are also quite picking up currently when it comes to promotional and marketing procedures as service providers steadily make efforts to introduce new products and services through this. Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Pro 5 Lines can also be considered as one such utility that is capable of reaching out to several people at a time.

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Pro 5 Lines opens with a neatly organized interface with its major tools arranged intuitively for simple access. The main screen shows the list of phone numbers and names of the customers and the left side of the screen showing the controls for importing contact lists and working up settings. The application is capable of reaching out to thousands of customers by phone or voice mail and it works simply without using any complex hardware. It works by using a computer system to make unlimited phone calls with the help of Voice over IP channel or even through usual phone lines. It only needs an Internet connection and the program works to automatically dial several phone numbers one after the other.

To conclude, Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Pro 5 Lines is a tool that can easily work as a medium that helps users to convey their messages effectively without utilizing too many resources and hence receives a rating of four points.

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Voice2Phone Auto Dialer is a PC to phone software for reaching thousands of people by phone or by voice mail with voice messages. It does not require any additional hardware. The innovative Voice2Phone Auto Dialer automatic voice broadcasting software uses advanced VoIP and SIP technology to automatically call each number on your list, deliver your recorded message and, if appropriate, record any responses by the call recipient. Auto Dialer Software can record touch tone key responses as well as speech. No cumbersome telephonic equipment is necessary; the Voice2Phone Auto Dialer software package requires only a computer and an Internet connection to allow you to reach your target audience quickly and effectively. The process is fast and simple, making it an ideal solution even for novices in the VoIP and auto dialer environment.
This feature-rich and Excel-like software is ideal for telephone notifications, voice broadcasting, business service reminders, telephone surveys, phone-tree campaign, debt collections, emergency escalation, political campaign promotion, church and school events notifications and more.
Voice2Phone Auto Dialer works seamlessly with Microsoft Windows and can be configured to work with your own VoIP service provider or VoIP software or hardware systems including Skype Connect and Asterisk IP PBX. In many cases, this flexibility allows companies, political organizations and nonprofits to quickly and easily integrate the Voice2Phone Auto Dialer software solution into their fundraising and promotional efforts without requiring a significant additional initial investment. Voice2Phone Auto Dialer even offers a free trial to let you test its capabilities and decide if it is the right solution for your organization. Please visit for more info.
Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Pro 5 Lines
Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Pro 5 Lines
Version 1.9.7
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